Afternoon teapot 1.25L POLKA DOT

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Polish pottery 1.3L / 1.39 qt. Afternoon teapot in Polka Dot pattern. 10” long, 6”wide, 5.5” tall.
This teapot work with a variety of loose tea infusers, allowing to brew a great pot of tea. Thanks to the white clay Kaolin used in making Polish Pottery, this teapot will keep liquids hot for extended period of time.
Authentic Polish Stoneware, handmade and painted in Boleslawiec, Poland; scratch and chip resistant, safe to use in microwaves and dishwashers.

                                                         .. Old world quality,
                                                      modern day functionality ..

World famous original Polish Pottery is an artistically hand painted Stoneware produced in a small town of Boleslawiec, in South Western part of Poland called Lower Silesia. It is made of white clay Kaolin, abundant around the town, hand decorated with sponges by skilled artisans, then coated in a special glaze and fired in high temperatures, in excess of 1250 C.  Each pottery piece is unique and a work of art. Skilled local artisans create endless array of patterns and decorations using sponging technique, some sign their work creating sought after pieces. Pottery making in this region has a very long and rich history.

Today’s Traditional Patterns are the evolution of the original efforts of J.G. Altman. Using the “punching” technique of hand stenciling, highly skilled artists create an array of designs and colors inspired by the local environment and culture, as well as nature.

Considered the “simpler” patterns, there is no limit in production for these patterns, and the largest pool of artists combine to satisfy the demand. Their prices represent the base price for our selection of Polish pottery. Considering the value, Traditional Patterns are a great place to start or enhance a collection.

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