APPOLIA Red Meat Pie Dish 10.75”

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Appolia, 28cm-10 3/4" Round Pie Dish, 10.7" interior diameter x 1.8", Red .PEUGEOT.

In its brilliant red finish perfect for a festive table, the Peugeot ceramic comes in meat pie dish. Ingenious and practical with its wide and striated handles, the tourtière Peugeot is easy to remove from the oven.

Timeless and versatile: oven, microwave, freezer safe
Extra strong enamel finish protects against scratching
High thermal & Mechanical shock resistance: can go from freezer to oven.
Wide, striated handles on the lower surface offer an easy and safe grip.
Dish washer safe. 10 year .

Completely made in the heart of Brittany, France, the Peugeot Appolia line of ceramic cookware uses traditional methods and materials while focusing on design ergonomics and flavour enhancement. The dishes have high thermal and mechanical shock resistance and can go from freezer to oven. The high edges enhance the Capacity and allow the retention of the cooking juices so to preserve all flavours. Available in several sizes, The pieces are designed to stack and nest to save storage space.

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