Candle Asymetrical Crackle Lilac

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These are handmade candles, there will be a shade variance.

These candles make a beautiful centerpiece, but they are actually meant to be used and enjoyed. While there really is no such thing as a 100% drip-less candle, Barrick Candles are very good at resisting dripping as long as you keep them out of a draft. A blend of very high-grade paraffin waxes is used. This means they will stand up to relatively high temperatures without slumping, they burn cleanly and for a very long time. The wicks used are cotton and natural fibers without any metal, and the wax is unscented.

The cross section of these candles is an asymetric triangular form with hard edges running vertically.

30-80 hour burn time depending on size of candle.

Varies in sizes: 10", 12" and 14" are available.

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