Scanpan Pots & Pans

Since 1956, SCANPAN has produced safe and sustainable cookware for professional and home use. Offering the home cook more best-in-class non-stick cookware tools than any other manufacturer in the marketplace to meet any culinary need. You will love cooking in SCANPAN for a healthy and safe lifetime.

Cook Like a Pro
Cooking at home should be a joy, not a chore – with superb cooking results and easy cleanup, SCANPAN has your back. SCANPAN cookware lets you sear, braise, fry, and deglaze with the confidence of a pro. With a surface that’s both metal tool and oven safe, your only culinary limit is your own imagination.

About Scanpan Denmark
Sustainability through waste reduction has been part of their DNA since 1956. SCANPAN was the first cookware manufacturer to produce environmentally friendly, PFOA-free products to the market. Their products are made from 100% recycled aluminum in Ryomgård, Denmark, under the strictest environmental standards. Combining artisan processes with high technology in their production to reduce their carbon footprint is part of their present and their future.

Made by Humans, Built to Last a Lifetime
Every nonstick pan made by SCANPAN passes through the hands of skilled artisans 8 times before it leaves the factory. Their dedicated and experienced employees inspect every pan, pot and saucepan to ensure it meets a customer's expectations and satisfies Scanpan's quality requirements. They are also backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Product Information

Will metal utensils scratch my pans?
SCANPAN cookware is safe to use with metal tools because the surface is 10x harder than stainless-steel. The ultra-hard surface encases the whole pan, protecting it from wear and tear. Over time the surface may show cosmetic scuff marks, but these will not breach the surface and will not interfere with the superior nonstick performance of the pan.

Can I really put these in the dishwasher without ruining the coating?
Yes, they are indeed dishwasher safe. They are so quick and easy to clean, however, that you may not need or want to use the dishwasher. Simply wash pans with warm, soapy water and a dish sponge after each use to remove food and oil residue.
Are my SCANPAN pans oven safe?
Yes, all SCANPAN cookware is oven safe and up 500 degrees, including all lids and handles.

What’s the difference between STRATANIUM and STRATANIUM+?
STRATANIUM+ (TechniQ Series) was tested in restaurants for over two years before it was launched to the public and was designed for professional and home cooks alike. It has a unique textured surface that offers exceptional searing abilities and is 50% more durable against heavy use than STRATANIUM.

What’s the best way to keep my SCANPAN cookware nonstick for life?
To prevent sticking, the cooking surface must be kept very clean. Keep your pans clean and perfectly nonstick by washing them thoroughly in warm soapy water after every use. When pans become less nonstick, the culprit is almost always stubborn residue from oils or foods that build up slowly on the surface over time, so ensuring they get scrubbed clean and dried each time you use them prevents those residues from building up in the first place. Our cast-aluminum body pans (not those that are clad in stainless-steel on the exterior) are perfectly safe to wash while they’re still hot, and in fact this will help literally steam off oils and food particles after cooking. 

Can I cook in SCANPAN cookware without oil?
You sure can! SCANPAN cookware was designed to enable fat free frying while still providing excellent nonstick release. For best results, preheat your pan on low or medium heat for a minute or two before you start cooking, and wait until your food has fully cooked (or is fully cooked on one side in the case of items you intend to flip) before moving it around.

How can I get a good sear on my food if I can only use these pans at medium heat?
Our squeeze cast aluminum pans conduct heat so quickly and efficiently that you’re easily able to achieve a great sear/browning/reduction result on medium heat. Our pans’ fast, even heat distribution with no hot spots ensures you get consistent results.

What kinds of cooking oils can I use in my SCANPAN cookware?
You can use any kind of cooking oil you like! Never use aerosol cooking sprays - these sprays contain chemicals which burn at very low temperatures and leave residues behind that are difficult and often impossible to remove. Damage/stubborn residue due to cooking spray is not covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What exactly does SCANPAN’s warranty cover?
SCANPAN cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Defects include peeling, pitting, and bubbling of the surface and do not include residue buildup, damage due to propellant sprays or accidental damage from dropping.