To fully unlock the cleaning power of water, e-cloth produces durable premium microfiber textiles with close attention to critical details: the purity of raw materials, the precise method to create water-attracting voids within the fibers, the ratio of nylon to polyester within the microfiber yarn, and the unique weave or knit pattern and density of the textile.

Run the General Purpose Cloth under the tap and then wring it out. This “charges” the cloth by filling the microscopic voids between and within the cloth’s fibers with water. When you draw the cloth across a dirty surface, those water molecules attract and stick to particles of dirt, grease, grime, even bacteria and mold, pulling the particles into the voids and trapping them there. Rinsing the cloth with warm or hot water, or running it through a machine wash cycle, releases the trapped particles and refreshes the cloth. Amazing.

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