Exceptional Beauty & Exquisite Craftsmanship

Before Shun Cutlery was established in the western market, most people were used to heavy European-style kitchen knives.

With Shun’s entry into the marketplace, home cooks and professional chefs alike were introduced to the lightweight precision of fine Japanese cutlery. Thinner blades, sharper edges, and lighter weight gave Shun a high-performance edge that the heavier knives couldn’t match.


A Tradition of Quality

While the Shun brand is relatively young, its pedigree goes back much, much farther. Over 110 years ago—in a city with a blade-making tradition that itself goes back over 800 years—Saijiro Endo first set up shop in Japan’s famous Seki City. Initially, the company produced folding knives, then razors, and in time, kitchen cutlery. Eventually, the company would be known as Kai Cutlery; today it is the Kai Group.

A direct descendant of the company’s founder, Kai President and CEO, Koji Endo, conceived the bold idea of bringing high-quality Japanese cutlery to the US and European markets. He named the brand “Shun,” which refers to the Japanese tradition of fresh, seasonal eating, and even designed the logo still used today.