The EPICURE knives from WÜSTHOF are a kitchen tool to meet all challenges that need to be mastered in the kitchen. Combining the virtues of two great philosophies: the efficiency and lightness of Japanese knives combined with German quality and safety. This means EPICURE embodies a new type of knife – one that fulfills all cooking styles and sets standards in terms of function and performance.

The handle, which is wide on the front and tapered on the back, features a profile adapted to the natural movement of the hand. This results in an ideal grip position. The newly developed curved bolster shape effectively protects the fingers from the sharp blade and provides more safety and control when cutting.

Optimized in every detail.The wide designed blade shape gives more weight to the blade and clearly work more efficiently. This ensures not only safe, but also optimized working: The wide surface ensures greater control when guiding the knife, and the blade can be carried to the pot quickly and easily.