BERARD Crepe Batter Spreader/Rake

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Olive Wood

This is the Mediterranean tree par excellence, with renaissance in its core and a very robust texture, tight fibres and superb yellow polish with browny veins. Cabinet makers and sculptors swear by it and so does Bérard. Olive wood is very durable wood which provides the intriguing grain that makes each piece unique. As olive wood is very dense, it resists odours and stains better than other types of wood. Each piece is carefully handcrafted to meet Berard's high standards of quality. These are not just kitchen accessories, they are works of art and will be the The gently curved spatula provides a long handle and a rectangular-shaped head with holes that works well for flipping pancakes, slipping under food, and transporting food--without excess liquids--to a plate or serving platter. most stylish and used tool in your kitchen.

Create perfect pancakes and authentic crepes with this elegant and sophisticated Berard pancake rake. This rake is unique and durable, as well as stylish. The round edge helps create perfect pancakes every time. Ideal for every day use, the Berard pancake rake is a great addition to your kitchen. This utensil won't scrape or damage your cookware and is designed to last. Coat of oil varnish preserves the wood, making it durable and heat-resistant. Year after year, Berard has been synonymous, with quality, authenticity and reliability. Uniformity does not exist and the little "imperfections " belong to this natural product. No two pieces are alike. Hand wash.

  • Made from the finest olive wood
  • Wood from sustainably managed forests; no 2 pieces are identical
  • Protective finish
  • Hand wash only
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